Ten Tips for Travelling with Little Ones

Don’t pack lots of nappies and wipes, they take up luggage space/weight and are readily available overseas.

Pack children’s paracetamol e.g. Calpol or similar. The different brands overseas don’t taste the same.

Give your little ones something to suck for take-off and landing – it will help them to equalise their ears.

Pack a change of clothes for yourself for on the flight as well as a change of clothes for your little ones. They can make a mess on your clothes as well as their own.

Consider taking a handheld tablet for entertainment and to keep children occupied on a flight. You can upload books, educational games and movies and it’s a lot lighter and take up less space than taking loads of books and toys.

Book the ‘Premium’ service for when you land back in the UK. If you are travelling with children, you can’t use your electronic passport so this service enables you to fast track through passport control to avoid long queues. It costs around £12.00 per passport holder and it’s well worth it especially during school holidays.

Check out if the airport you are departing from has a soft play/play area for little ones. They are becoming extremely popular and are a great way for your children to burn off some energy before they fly.

Take some healthy snacks and plenty of water for on the flight. Although most airlines have children’s snack boxes the selection is limited. It’s important to keep them hydrated.

Consider taking less clothes for your children but pack some hand washing liquid to wash what you do take. They will probably spend more of their holiday in swimwear so no need to take lots of clothes.

Depending on the time difference expect your children to take the same number of days to adjust. For example, if there is a 1 hour time difference it usually takes my children a day. If its four hours, it could take four or more days.


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