Visiting Lapland after Christmas.

When you think of Lapland, you think of a pre-Christmas visit to see Santa. I visited AFTER Christmas in January - I could still book to see Santa and there were so many other amazing things to experience. We opted to stay in the 4 star Levi Spa hotel as it appeared the most family friendly. The rooms are all set in large lodge type buildings spread throughout the grounds. The hotel reception and restaurants are actually in a separate building which is a short walk from the bedrooms so you have to put on lots of warm clothes to walk to breakfast.

Despite being minus 7 outside I never felt cold. I wore 3 layers (including thermals) and my ski gear, I also had a good pair of Siberian Chic snow boots. I made sure the children were wrapped up well too with lots of layers and ski clothing from Mountain Warehouse. However, the great thing about this particular package holiday is you don’t need your own ski clothes or boots because the hotel can arrange to provide everything for you.

We wanted to try some of the local restaurants and Kuura was lovely; situated at the bottom of the ski slopes, the interior was stylish, the food was well presented, and it was reasonably priced and very tasty.

We also dined at Hotel Levi Panorama which is found at the top of the cable car, by the side of the ski slopes, next to the Artic Dining Experience Igloo and The Samiland museum. The restaurant had a great little play area for the children.

Yes we skied in Lapland. As you can imagine I was in my element just as much as the children were. With reindeer rides, snowmobile excursions, sledging, skiing, spas, Santa and some fine dining there is something for everyone. If you are interested in skiing, there are around 45 pistes in the resort and you can buy a lift pass and hire ski equipment from Zero Point in the centre of Levi. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to other ski resorts and the skiing is pretty good, all be it a little chilly if you aren’t dressed appropriately. We even got little Rocco on skis and he LOVED it!

One of my favourites excursions was the Lapland Safari on a Snow Mobile to a Reindeer farm. With only 4 hours of daylight each day we started our tour as the sun was beginning to set around 4pm. Alex and I went on this trip on our own. It was romantic and magical, driving a snow mobile through the forest with trees covered in snow and the light from the snow mobile shining on them. After we arrived at the reindeer farm we snuggled up in a sleigh and were treated to a ride.

Another excursion that is a must, is a visit to the Ice Hotel. A 40 minute coach ride from Levi, the Ice Hotel is INCREDIBLE. Complete with its own chapel, ice slide, bar, restaurant and 20 rooms and suites, the Ice Hotel is redesigned and rebuilt each year. The evening of our visit the Northern Lights made an appearance. The green misty clouds that light up the sky are a sight to be seen. In fact the Northern Lights could be seen every night we were there, sometimes they came out a little too late for us to witness though, as with two little ones we are usually in bed before 11:30pm.

Our 3 and a half day mini break to Lapland actually felt a lot longer because we did so much. Remember Lapland isn't just for Christmas, you are guaranteed to have a great time throughout the winter months.

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