A Stroller and Car Seat that WILL change your life!

I love it when I discover products that make my life travelling with my children as easy as possible and I was fortunate enough to discover the Doona when Rocco was just 6 months old.

The Doona is a conversation starter. When people see you taking a car seat out of your vehicle and dropping down the wheels that are tucked up inside its base before wheeling it off as a pram, they can't help but stop you to ask 'What is that?".

The car seat that turns in to a pram has changed my life in so many ways; not only for travelling overseas but also in my day to day life in the UK. When travelling abroad, I am comfortable with the fact that Tahlia (who has now inherited the Doona from Rocco), is using a car seat that complies with all EU regulations. She doesn't have to travel in a car seat that has been used by 100's of different children and I know (when I am abroad and not using the isofix base) exactly how to secure it in to my hire car. When you hire a car seat from a car hire company abroad, they are unable to help you secure it in to your vehicle for insurance purposes and sometimes they don't seem as secure as they should be.

Using the Doona not only means that car travel is safer but I save money too. You can buy the Doona here.


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