Luggage that STANDS out from the CROWD for BIG Kids and Little Kids!

"I think thats my case, oh no it's not. Yes it is. Ahh no it's that one there". How many times have you found yourself saying that when you are collecting your luggage from the belt in arrivals?

On one occasion, when I was on a girly trip to Cyprus, someone else actually took my luggage by mistake. Once was enough and thankfully it hasn't happened again.

When it comes to choosing luggage, I must admit I have a variety of cases to choose from based on where I am going and if the children will be joining me on the trip or not.

When you are travelling with Children and have to be mindful of weight, its worth baring in mind that suitcases themselves can be heavy. I once spent a lot of money on a set of cases only to realise they were ridiculously heavy and not the most practical to travel with when you want to be 'weight efficient' especially when travelling for two weeks with little ones.

Two of my current favourite cases are my HB London personalised case and my Samsonite Lite Cube


Personalised luggage is really great when it comes to ensuring your luggage stands out on the luggage belt in arrivals. There can be absolutely no mistake of anyone else picking up a suitcase with your initials on!

I love my marble effect 'LH' case which is also perfect to use as a carry on if I am travelling solo or for a long weekend away. HB London have some beautiful prints available and their luggage comes in a range of sizes. As well as luggage, there are lots of other personalised items for sale on their website too.

For a longer trip (when I would be taking Rocco and Tahlia), I tend to use my Samsonite Lite Cube Spinner. It is lightweight and durable and with no fancy padding inside its perfect for maximising packing space. Okay so it doesn't stand out on the luggage belt in the same way that my HB London case does, but its a quality, practical luggage choice.

When in comes to choosing luggage for children there are some really good options out there for them too... And when I say options, I am not talking about suitcases that are branded with their favourite characters, I am talking about luggage that offers so much than just a bag to pack their things...

Most recently I have discovered a brilliant travel solution for children in the form of Flyte - a suitcase and scooter in one! This really is genius. The case is the perfect carry on and the children can ride the scooter from the check-in desk all the way to the boarding gate. No more 'Mum can you carry me' or 'Dad, I can I sit on your shoulders' because they want to scoot. They burn off energy and carry their own luggage at the same time! These amazing cases are available in a range of styles and colours and I seriously can't recommend them enough. Rocco and Tahlia love theirs so much they want to use them even when we aren't travelling overseas.

Another extremely useful piece of Childrens luggage that I always travel with and rate highly is my Trunki BoostApak. It doubles up as a booster car seat and rucksack that your little one carries, so again like the Flyte suitcase, it's fantastic because you are getting two products for the price of one which its exactly what you need when you are travelling with little ones and are trying to avoid taking everything but the kitchen sink!


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